IAML 2020 Concerts

Monday, July 20

Václavské náměstí 68, Praha 1

Party with concert and exhibition of four Czech composers (Smetana, Dvořák, Janáček, Martinů) at the Historical Building of The National Museum, which is situated on the Wenceslas Square.
Thursday, July 23


Place: St. Salvator Church
Klementinum, St. Salvator Church (Charles Bridge)
Interprets: Capella Regia Musicalis, artistic leader: Robert Hugo
You will have the opportunity to listen to music of:
Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, Joseph Brentner, Gunther Jacob, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, Jan Dismas Zelenka
Tuesday, July 21


Place: Prague Crossroads

Voršilská 10, Prague 1

The main inspiration for the creation of the Prague Crossroads came from the former Czech President - the dissident, writer and dramatist Václav Havel. His concept was an evocative venue for all kinds of meetings, where lectures, discussions, concerts, performances, exhibitions, meditation and happenings can take place in a spirit of respect for the multicultural diversity of the modern world.

Interprets: Epoque Quartet
You will have the opportunity to listen to music of:
Jan Kučera, Mateusz Smoczynski, Pat Metheny, Django Reinhardt, John Williams, Astor Piazzolla